The Story behind Dani Foods Indonesia

Mr. Amar Dani, the Founder of Dani Foods (UK, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Africa, Vietnam, Australia, China) has been part of the food industry for over 7 years now and is the brains behind this venture. Mr. Vishal Ajmera holds a MS degree in Finance and after having spent 5 years as a banking stocks analyst, he finally succumbed to the foodie in him. Mr. Amar was visiting Calcutta (hometown of both Mr. Amar and Mr. Vishal), east India and was at the Ajmera residence for breakfast. He got talking to Mr. Vishal about the food industry and how Indonesia was the hub of spices and what a great opportunity it would be. That was it! There was no looking back. After carrying out an extensive research, many trips were made to Indonesia in the recent years for survey and to identify farms and processing unit. The rest as they say is history!


Mission and Values

At Dani Foods Indonesia, we ensure that sourcing of organic spices is direct from producers for freshness. We are committed to welfare of nature and strive to regain the heritage of natural resources, to ensure a bright and healthy future for the next generation. Our integrated system of Cultivation, Processing, Supply Chain System and Logistics are credited for preserving organic nature of the products. We ensure that our business activities are carried out keeping in mind the vision of Organic industry which is to ensure ecological and social sustainability. We follow strict quality control measures right from our source to ensure that a 100% organic produce reaches the consumer.